Spincasting Reels

Forget what you normally think about spincasting reels. These reels are saltwater-rated and have powerful automotive-style disc brakes. They are used for everything from bow fishing to casting for sunfish with the kids. These reels are built for the long run, and could be the last spincast reel you’ll ever buy.

Deep Muddy Reel (DM-40)

The Deep Muddy is our largest spincast reel. Most people think fat catfish┬Ł with this reel, but it's really an all-around extreme fishing machine.

MuL-10 Reel

The Mul-10 is our standard-sized spincast reel, and is the one you'll want to pass on to your kids. The MuL name (pronounced 'mule') reflects stubborn dependability, and it lives up to its name. Matching custom rod available.

MuL-10 Reel
$29.99 — $45.99