Deep Muddy 40 Reel


The Deep Muddy (DM-40) is a strong, durable workhorse. The uncomplicated design and function of this reel allow it to fish hard with great comfort. This reel is saltwater rated and designed military tough.

The DM-40 includes a polished stainless steel front hood and back cover. The front hood has a sure-grip, knurled rubber grasping ring. This powerhouse of a reel has an over-sized, automotive-style disc brake, and a dual anti-reverse system that includes an infinite-stop cushion brake to soften the hardest strikes.

To improve the strength and longevity of the DM-40, a uniquely engineered rigid center frame supports a machine-cut brass pinion gear and an all-metal helical gear drive train supported on two smooth ball-bearings. The materials and construction in the DM-40 are usually found in more expensive equipment.

Large comfort-dial drag control, soft-touch grips and a handle that can be moved easily to either side of the reel make the DM-40 very user-friendly.

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Model BB Gear Ratio Hood+cover Capacity (lb/yd)
DM 40 2 3.4:1 Stainless 20 lb




I have been a spincast guy since I could swing a pole…some habits are hard to break (thanks grandpa!). I bought this bad-dad for Northern Pike up here in the Great Lakes Area. Imagine my suprise when I realized I had a ordered a “trophy killer reel” for Muskie!!! This reel is absolutely amazing and will dominate anything I could hope to hook up here. I am so impressed, I am ordering 2 of the Mul-10’s tomorrow for my bass and walleye rigs. Thank you for making something for us old school spincasters that puts the “A” back in Angler. I guarantee future sales from family and friends!

Eric Bryan

Comment by Eric Bryan | 2 June, 2011 at 4:07 PM

I got the DM-40 reel today put it on a 9′ whoopin stick I had lying around and went across the street to try it out. It worked like a champ. I caught three 30+” inch stripers and the drag worked great. I have a new favorite rig. Saltwater Spincast is great fun!! I have a friend that works at a tackle shop and he is coming by tomorrow to try it. Says he has never fished with a closed faced reel except for trout. I hope they are hitting then. 🙂
Chuck Thistle

Comment by Chuck Thistle | 6 September, 2013 at 2:31 PM

I had a chance to try out the reel today. Works great! I don’t believe I have seen a more robust Spincast Reel. I plan on buying a couple of MuL-10’s soon.

Comment by James Furguson | 20 April, 2014 at 1:48 PM

I’m a bow fisherman and spinner reels are real popular in our sport but not reliable until I found the deep muddy reel. I was very impressed! I shot 30 plus pound carp with it! The reel took the punishment and I’m not easy on equipment by no means. I will be ordering several in a few weeks!

Comment by Mike Phillips | 24 March, 2017 at 6:25 PM

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